Another "high-tech" lynching

The liberals attempted to lynch Clarence Thomas when he was nominated to the US Supreme Court.  It didn’t work.  Now they’re trying to do it again. This time to Herman Cain.

The Politico published this column using anonymous sources from two unnamed women on something that supposedly occurred in the 1990s. I guess the old journalistic practice of validating your sources doesn’t apply to conservatives.  When Clinton was accused of rape, it was poo-pooed by the press.  Now they can’t wait to smear Cain.

Cain expected something like this since at least May, 2011.

But wouldn’t liberals and Democrats still find a racially-based way to attack Cain?  They certainly found a way to attack Clarence Thomas, the black, conservative Supreme Court justice.
“They’re going to come after me more viciously than they would a white candidate,” Cain responded.  “You’re right.  Clarence Thomas.  And so, to use Clarence Thomas as an example, I’m ready for the same high-tech lynching that he went through — for the good of this country.”  Cain smiled broadly.  “I’m ready for the same high-tech lynching.”
Well, Herman, it’s arrived. I hope you’re prepared to answer from the conservatives.  As for the rest, I wouldn’t bother.  They’re going to lie anyway. Expect it.

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