More Foreign Incompetency.

Our amateur president has been busy this week selling out our country.  First, he attempted to take credit for throwing Gadaffi (or however his name is spelled) out of Libya.  Then when the Islamists magically appeared to take over, he praised them and their “democratic” reforms.

In order to hide the amount of US activity in the Libyan civil war, Obama claimed it was a NATO effort.  Well, just which NATO member had the capability to perform all that air and ground support?  It wasn’t the Euros.  The UK had to borrow some Maritime surveillance aircraft from the US Navy to provide radar coverage to the RN’s flotilla in the Med. The Brits had scrapped their Maritime aircraft years earlier.  After all, the US Navy had plenty.

So it was all a NATO affair.  Until it was time to claim credit.

Then we come to the second great act of incompetency this week.  The negotiations with Iraq have been stalled because of an impasse in the SOFA agreement (Status of Forces Agreement).  The US wanted immunity for their troops for performing their usual duty and for any acts committed while doing those duties.  It didn’t give them immunity for criminal acts, but was to define what those acts would be.

Iraq knew that Obama was weak.  All they had to do was to remain stubborn and Obama would fold…which he did.

Now Iraq will be defenseless against Iran and will have no support from the US unless they come, hat-in-hand, and beg for it.  Does anyone think that will happen until it’s too late?  

No.  This is the situation that Iran has been dreaming about.

So, for nine, nearly ten years we’ve spilled our blood, spent our treasure only to throw it all away because of the gross ineptitude in the White House.

It doesn’t take a military genius to be able to predict that we’ll be back, either in Iraq, Iran, or perhaps both, within ten years.

And again, like after Gulf War I and II, Gulf War III is coming and we’ll have to do it all over again to retrieve what the democrats gave away.

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