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Contrary to what you didn’t hear from the State Media, there have been news items of import last week and over the weekend.  So much is ignored or suppressed by the state media that books could be written about those omissions—and some have.

This instance is about the continuing conservative movement through the country. A move that affirms conservatism is alive and well and continues to grow.  Case in point.  Did you hear about the recent election in Louisiana?  I didn’t from any of the Missouri state media organs.  I didn’t hear about it on any of the national media outlets nor, surprisingly, from FOX.  It could have been mentioned by FOX but there wasn’t much made over the election.

What is so important about the Louisiana election?  Bobby Jindal was re-elected to governor by a 2 to 1 margin.

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In an election scarcely noticed by national political reporters, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was reelected yesterday with 66% of the vote—far more than the absolute majority needed for victory in this multicandidate election. In second place with 18% of the vote was Democrat Tara Hollis; three other Democrats got 10% of the vote. Jindal carried every one of Louisiana’s 64 parishes (the equivalent of counties in other states) and got less than 50% in only five of them, including Orleans who is coextensive with the city of New Orleans, and four small rural parishes with large black percentages. Jindal was elected in 2007 with 54% of the vote; he improved his percentage in all but one parish (East Baton Rouge, which includes the state capital of Baton Rouge) and made especially big gains in the Cajun country along the Gulf coast.

Jindal was reelected from what was formerly a solid democrat state.  But after Katrina exposed the extent of democrat corruption, misfeasance (malfeasance perhaps?) and pure incompetency, the state shifted to elect officials who could get the job done.  Bobby Jindal was their choice and he continues to be so.  He’s a strong conservative and he uses those principles to rebuild a state long known for democrat corruption.

Jindal’s actions have shifted political demographics in Louisiana.  Another article expands on that movement.

byDavid Freddoso Online Opinion Editor
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There are few certain things in politics, but Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal’s re-election was one of them. Yesterday, he took nearly 66 percent of the vote in Louisiana, besting his nearest competitor by almost 50 points. Democrats had failed to field a serious candidate.

In the meantime, the state’s local politics are looking redder and redder. With runoffs pending, Republicans have already guaranteed expanded control of both houses of the state legislature, which they originally took through party-switches and a special election earlier this year.

They will have at least 55 seats in the state House, with the possibility of gaining eight more next month (53 are needed for a majority). They will have 24 seats in the state Senate, to 15 Democrats. Jindal’s reform agenda now has both an electoral mandate and a stronger hand in terms of legislative power.

I have, and continue to have, concerns that the left will not quietly fade into the night.  Rush and others have noted that the majority of the people now in the United States express some form of conservatism, mostly fiscal conservatism, but also a growing increase in social conservatism.

The blatant leftists response has been the Occupy Wall Street mob.  A mob formulated by a Canadian advocacy group owned by George Soros.  The participants are supported by unions, most apparent public sector unions like SEIU and various teacher’s unions.  I’m not sure what was the goal of those protests but instead of any achievement, they have become a joke—a foul-smelling, dirty and vile mannered mob.  Instead of gaining support, their actions have lost support from those, the democrat moderates and “independents” who where the targets of the mob—to get those moderates and independents on their side.  Instead, they repelled the moderates and independents and sent more of them towards the right.
The left aren’t concerned by legalities. Like their “dear leader Obama” who today brags about going around Congress to enact more debt and spending…a means to allow those suckered into massive home  and educational debt to keep themselves in debt.  Instead of helping these people to get out of debt, Obama and his minions scheme to have them continue in and increase that debt.

So we all trek on towards an unknown future. A future that could be back on a track towards prosperity or a track to become another third-world nation beggared by debt and kleptocracy.

I can’t speak for you, but I know which path I’ll work for and it’s not for more debt and tyranny.

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