The Failure of the Fourth Estate

Walter Lippman wrote.

A free press is not a privilege but an organic necessity in a great society. Without criticism and reliable and intelligent reporting, the government cannot govern. For there is no adequate way in which it can keep itself informed about what the people of the country are thinking and doing and wanting.

Yesterday, Barack Obama visited the Whitehouse Pressroom unexpectedly. The reception, in the words of KCMO Radio’s morning host, Chris Stigall, was “like a bunch of ‘tweeners at a Hannah Montana concert.” One reporter heard on tape of the event said, “Mr President! Oh, let me say that again, Mr President!

The purpose of a free press is to report accurately, completely and without bias, events to the populace to insure the nation of true events that affects their lives. How, I ask you, can that happen with this batch of gushing twits who will now be our eyes and ears in the Whitehouse?

I think not.

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