Us vs. Them

The “Occupy Wall Street” idiots have made themselves a laughing stock. The libs and dems hoped they’d be a force on the streets.  After all, they paid for it.  Some were union goons who “volunteered” to join the protest.  Others were paid by George Soros. And still others by the DC Tenants Advocacy Coalition, an ACORN affiliate.

These protesters aren’t like the Tea Parties.  The Tea Parties were clean, cleaned up after them selves, were lawful and peaceful.  The exact opposite of the mob gathered by the lefties.

Smelly: Trash builds up at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations

I’m not sure what the libs and dems hoped to gain from these protests. They didn’t impress the voters. Nor did they frighten Wall Street.  The mob has made threats, some of them death threats, threatened to hack into the Wall Street Exchange network and shut them down.

Compare these brain-fried idiots to the Moms, Dads, Kids, complete families that attended the 9-23 Rally in DC in 2009.  A world of difference.  The main one is that the Occupy Wall Street protesters are mostly parasites, bought and paid for by the left.  The Tea Party attendees, in contrast, paid their own way to DC, paid for their housing, and cleaned up after themselves leaving the Mall, the parks and streets cleaner than when they arrived.

The photo below is after a socialist/liberal protest.

Then compare that photo with the video of the DC Mall after the 9-23 Rally.  Note the cleanliness.  Note the full trashbags stacked next to a trash barrel.

Complete opposite worlds, the parasites vs. the real, productive people of the nation.  I know which side I’m on and it isn’t that of the parasites.