Thumpin’ and Bangin’

Today and tomorrow are going to be busy here at the Court.  Mrs. Crucis has an appointment later this morning with her Ophthalmologist, a followup appointment really after her cataract surgery last week.  And—roofers are replacing our roof.

We had a severe thunderstorm come through here last summer with large hail.  Everyone up and down our street had damage and have been replacing their roofs over the summer.  I didn’t see any damage and with no leaks appearing, I didn’t think we had any damage.

I was wrong.

After the insurance adjuster looked at it, we’re getting a new roof.  The house is fifteen years old and it’s the original roof.  The new roof ‘should’ last thirty years. We’ll see.

The supplier arrived at 7:30am to drop off the shingles. The roofing crew arrived at 8am.

Bangin’ and thumpin’.


Tomorrow will be busy as well. Mrs. Crucis has two medical appointments and I have a followup about my—hopefully, recent illness.  

I’m not completely over it. I still have sleep issues and zero appetite.  I went out to grab a quick lunch yesterday. On the way, the thought of food made me nauseous.  I turned around and went back home.

Maybe I’ll think of something later to put into the queue for tomorrow.  Or…maybe not. 

Addendum:  Saw this by Lisa Benson and had to pass it along. 

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