The War on our Southern Border

I’ve written, from time to time, about the ongoing civil war in Mexico.  Our state media consistently fails to report that war south of the border and rarely when it spills over into the US.  When humans heads were found recently near a school, and bodies were dumped in Vera Cruz, I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere outside of the internet.

Now, it is becoming apparent that the drug cartels have moved troops across the border into the US.  Some speculate it is to allow them a chance to regroup and refit.  Others believe they are here to establish a beachhead in the US.

Last year, General Barry McCaffrey and General Bob Scales, issued a report about the danger on the border.

Mexico’s Narco-cartels Represent ‘Strategic Level’ of War Against US

By: Anthony Kimery
On Monday, Staples backed up his claims with the release of a comprehensive 182-page report that asserted it’s the first report “to conclude that [Mexican crime] cartels are following a twofold strategic plan” that is the equivalent of strategic-level war against the US.
Commissioned by Staples last June, the report was prepared by retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey, a former US drug czar and Southern Command commander of US troops in Latin America, and Gen. Robert Scales, former commandant of the United States Army War College.
McCaffrey and Scales concluded that “the bottom line” is “Mexican cartels seek to create a ‘sanitary zone’ inside the Texas border – one county deep – that will provide sanctuary from Mexican law enforcement and, at the same time, enable the cartels to transform Texas’ border counties into narcotics transshipment points for continued transport and distribution into the continental United States.”
And this, McCaffrey and Scales emphasized, represents “narco-terrorism at the strategic-level of war” and directly threatens US national and hemispheric security.
The report, Texas Border Security: A Strategic Military Assessment, further concluded that “Texas is the state most vulnerable to the spread of instability and violence in Mexico.”
Staples said the “report is the culmination of  many efforts that started with rural farmers and ranchers bringing pleas for a secure border to me.”
The 82nd  Texas Legislature “recognized this critical issue and the numerous accounts of cross-border violence and tasked the Texas Department of Agriculture via House Bill 4, to conduct ‘an assessment of the impact of illegal activity along the Texas-Mexico border on rural landowners and the agriculture industry and working in conjunction with other appropriate entities to develop recommendations to enhance border security,’” Staples said in announcing the report.
In response, Staples requested that McCaffrey and Scales “develop and recommend a military-style strategy and operational and tactical requirements to secure the Texas portion of the US-Mexico border,” and “requested specific information related to the financial, manpower, technology and other resources needed to secure the Texas-Mexico border; and ways in which the roles and resources of US federal agencies could be optimally deployed to facilitate implementation of these recommendations.”

 I wouldn’t hold my breath.  The dems and liberals in Washington have been quite successful ignoring the issue.  First they fought any measure to secure the border.  Then, under pressure, they agreed to an ineffectual “border fence” and finally, when Obama gained office, cut off funds to build that fence.

The story continues.  In an interview with Greta Van Susteren on FOX News, Major General Bob Scales, the co-author of the report provided more information.

The interview turned to Cartel activity in the US and a report from the El Paso Medical Center documenting the treatment of 150 trauma cases from Mexico for treatment in the medical center.  Greta Van Susteren stated, referring the cartel acitivty on the US side of the border…

VAN SUSTEREN: It’s even bleeding over that (to the US) way.
SCALES: It absolutely is. And it’s not just in the cities along the border. It’s in these border counties that are very thinly populated, where the cartels have established routes of egress into Texas and transshipment points and houses. Ranchers and farmers are having their ranches violated, breaking into their homes, shooting at them. Ranchers are selling their property. Ranch hands are quitting out of fear or from being threatened by the cartels. It’s really becoming increasingly out of hand.
VAN SUSTEREN: It’s my impression that’s United States isn’t taking this seriously, maybe Texas is, maybe Arizona, but the United States is not taking as a country what’s going on in Mexico with the level of intensity I think it should. I know Secretary of State Hillary Clinton described it as Colombia 20 years ago and got rebuked by the president. Am I exaggerating this?
SCALES: I don’t think you are at all. I think part of the problem is we haven’t done a good job of telling the rest of America how Arizona and Texas affects them directly. Remember now, there are 18,000 cartel members operating in Texas, but their —
VAN SUSTEREN: There are 18,000 cartel members operating in Texas?
SCALES: A full army division of gang members, the foot soldiers for cartel —
SCALES: In Texas, and thousands more in American cities, all in this scheme to distribute drugs throughout the United States. This is not just a Texas problem. This is a national problem. And we need to make the rest of the nation aware of it.
VAN SUSTEREN: I guess I’ve always been intrigued by the fact that one of the worst cartels are the Zetas. They are ex-military, essentially the special forces who have gone rogue.
SCALES: It’s very sad, and they’re increasingly violent. Two years ago this was a criminal enterprise that was done for profit. Increasingly today it’s just sheer, raw violence inflicted on the citizens of Texas, and that’s why they’re worried.
VAN SUSTEREN: I don’t like to overstate it, but your description, the 18,000 in Texas, the number of people around the city, that it doesn’t differ that much in our mind to our thoughts and fears of Al Qaeda originally, having cells around. I mean, this is not flying a plane into a building or a dirty bomb, but this is drugs, which are killing people, and there’s violence associated with it.

The cartels have the equivalent of a full division of troops in Texas!  If that doesn’t scare you, what will?

Washington’s neglect in protecting our borders is near criminal.  If we cannot be secure within our borders from external threats, we have no national security.  As I’ve said before, the survival of our country is to precious to remain in the hands of democrats and liberals.  They, their party, and their agenda have failed miserably. Their incompetence cannot be allowed to continue.                    

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