Mrs. Crucis had cataract surgery on one eye yesterday.  All went well.  She has a followup visit today.  I thought, yesterday, the followup would be at noon.

I was wrong. It’s earlier.

My blog planning hit a snag and I don’t have a post ready.  My bad.

On the other hand, for the first time since before we were married, Mrs. Crucis is walking around the house, fixing breakfast—all without glasses!  Before, she needed glasses just to see anything further than a foot away.  What a difference.

I’m feeling almost back to normal, too.  The last set of meds didn’t make me feel “weird” like those from last week.  No, they just prevented me from sleeping. Since Monday, if I got three hours of sleep, I thought I was doing good. Wednesday night, I may have gotten two hours.  

I stopped taking the meds.  Last night was the first time since I got sick that I had a decent amount of sleep.


Y’all have a great weekend.  Mrs. Crucis and I certainly will.                    

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  1. Hope you both get better quickly, no fun to be sick. You mentioned chronic sinus infections…have they ever talked about having sinus surgery. I used to have constant infections, had the procedure and haven't had a sinus infection since (about 9 years ago)! Get well quick!

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