Light Posts today

Mrs. Crucis is having cataract surgery today so I don’t have my usual prep time for today’s posts.  Here are some cartoons to tide you over.  There’s a good list on-hand today.

Glenn McCoy:

Lisa Benson:

And finally, Michael Ramirez.

4 thoughts on “Light Posts today

  1. We're back home. The whole thing only took an hour and fifteen minutes. We arrived at noon and my 1:15PM we were heading for the Tahoe. Mrs. Crucis had eaten nothing since the previous evening so we stopped at her favorite BBQ joint for a sandwich 'n beans on the way home. She'll have a follow-up visit tomorrow morning and then it a coast for two weeks when she has the other eye done.

    She said it's like looking through Vaseline! The doc said it'll improve over the next few days. Her eye will still be dilated until the morning when the eye-drops wear off.

    All-in-all, it's gone well.

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