(Updated 10:00AM) Do these people really think before they speak!?!?

Update: 10AM.  We’ve another example of dems who think our Constitution, Republic and democratic principles are just too…“too much of a good thing.” 
The former director’s of Obama’s Office of Management and Budget, Peter Orszag, thinks so.  In a column he wrote for The New Republic, he says
During my recent stint in the Obama administration as director of the Office of Management and Budget, it was clear to me that the country’s political polarization was growing worse—harming Washington’s ability to do the basic, necessary work of governing. If you need confirmation of this, look no further than the recent debt-limit debacle, which clearly showed that we are becoming two nations governed by a single Congress—and that paralyzing gridlock is the result.

So what to do? To solve the serious problems facing our country, we need to minimize the harm from legislative inertia by relying more on automatic policies and depoliticized commissions for certain policy decisions. In other words, radical as it sounds, we need to counter the gridlock of our political institutions by making them a bit less democratic. (Emphasis added: Crucis) The New Republic, Too Much of a Good Thing, Why we need less democracy, September 14, 2011 | 9:46 pm.
We’ve known all along the libs, leftists and dems really didn’t like our republic nor its institutions.  The Constitution, the principles behind those founding documents and the institutions created from them are impediments to the statists in both parties.
What they truly desire is an oligarchy of elites who governs the masses “for their betterment.”  


1. A small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.

2. A state governed by such a group.

Of course the betterment always seems to be of the elite instead of masses they rule.  The operate word in that last sentence is “rule”, not govern.  There’s a difference.

Liberty? Democracy?  That’s for us, not for them, so says the elites.


Unbelievable. For a governor of a state to speak just a thing.  And, it public, too!

NC governor recommends suspending democracy to focus on jobs

As a way to solve the national debt crisis, North Carolina Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue recommends suspending Congressional elections for the next couple of years.
“I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover,” Perdue said at a rotary club event in Cary, North Carolina, according to the Raleigh News and Observer. “I really hope that someone can agree with me on that.”
Perdue said she thinks that temporarily halting elections would allow members of Congress to focus on the economy. “You have to have more ability from Congress, I think, to work together and to get over the partisan bickering and focus on fixing things,” Perdue said.
North Carolina Republicans immediately scoffed at Perdue’s proposal, pointing out to her that elections hold politicians accountable for their actions. “Now is a time when politicians need to be held accountable more than ever,” North Carolina GOP spokesman Rob Lockwood said in an email to The Daily Caller. “To suspend an election would be removing the surest mechanism that citizens have to hold politicians accountable: The right to vote.”

 Do these people really want a civil war?  That’s what would happen as surely as the sun rises in the morning. 

…solve the national debt crises.”  The debt crises would be nothing compared to the new crises the dems, and anyone else supporting the idea, would have on their hands if they tried this.