Yeccch! (Updated)

Update: 5:00PM
The doc confirmed that I was hyperventilating.  Gag!  What a feeling!  I wouldn’t wish that sensation on my worst enemy.  Well, maybe BO. He deserves it.

Since I had some chest “cramps” last week, he did an EKG and another visit to the vampire.  EKG is fine, blood-sugar is fine. I’ve never had a history of any cardiac issues but since I’m at retirement age, I suppose it’s reasonable to check everything out.

His diagnosis confirmed mine: hyperventilating.  I’m still fighting the sinus infection that is leaving me weak, but if I can control my hyperventilating, I should be much, much better.

I now carry a little brown bag along with me. Unfortunately, it’s empty.


This is going to be short. I’m off to the doc again in a bit.

This has been the most…uncomfortable week in my memory.  It started last Saturday.  I thought I was getting a cold—sneezing, running nose, congestion, all the usual symptoms.  It appears now that it was a sinus infection.  I’m a chronic sufferer of those things.

As usual, I took a cold tab.  Yeah, is was two years old and out of date but all that means is that it lost some potency.

Big mistake.

I’ve never taken any illegal drugs. Never smoked MJ. In fact, I’m leery of taken any drugs even those prescribed for me. About an hour after taking that cold tab, I was wired!

I wasn’t congested anymore, but I felt all that post-nasal-discharge in the back of my throat like a rubber sheet. It felt like my throat was closing.

As long as I stood, it wasn’t too bad.  If I sat down and inclined any degree at all, the sensation came back.  I couldn’t sleep. The fact was, I was afraid to sleep because it felt as if I’d smother if I laid down, or just sat in a recliner.

I paced.  All night. Zero sleep.

Come the next morning, Sunday, the tab had worn off and after eating a scrambled egg, I felt better but still shakey.

My wife took me to urgent care. I received a ‘script for an antibiotic and a nasal spray with some suggestions to relieve the congestion.

I never want a repeat of Saturday night.

But…I’m still not feeling all that better.  I woke up this morning, still sleeping in a recliner, thinking, “I feel pretty good!”  Then I stood up and it was like a return to Saturday night.  I’m breathing OK.  In fact, I’ve not had any real problem breathing, just the sensation of a lack of breath.  When I was checked for oxygenation levels Sunday, I was at 95%.

I still feel like crap and there’s a gathering near Jeff City Saturday that I’d like to attend. So I’m off, back again to the doc.  This time my personal one.

Most likely this is all in my head, figuratively and literally speaking.  I just don’t want to continue feeling like…crap.                      

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