Walking the Gauntlet (Addendum)

School has started in most areas around the country.  Locally, they started last week on the 17th.  Summer vacation, when I was in elementary school, was from Memorial Day until after Labor Day.

Times have changed and not, in my opinion, for the better. 

Added: Although the cartoonist provided a title to the cartoon below, I think mine is more appropriate. We’ve seen, over the last several decades, a decline, not only in the quality of education but of the quantity of education.  Some would claim, “It a conspiracy by Big Education!”  I’m hesitant to claim a conspiracy. I think it’s more empire-building and power-grabbing to maintain security and position.  If you look at the line below, none of those figures directly, improve the student’s life skills needed today. Modern “educators” and Big Education laugh at the old readin’, writin’, ‘rithmatic but those are still the basic skills needed for a productive life.  If you can’t read, your life prospects are severely limited.  There are NO jobs that does not require this skill.  But reading is, perhaps, the last skill required for graduation.  

It saddens me that our schools have a public service requirement for graduation but not a reading comprehension requirement.  Nor, in most districts a basic math requirement to allow one to balance a checkbook or bank-account, or make change during a purchase.

When public education is nothing more than social indoctrination, perhaps it is time to eliminate the US Department of Education and revert to the time when education was a LOCAL decision and responsibility instead of being in the control of a Washington bureaucrat whose self interest takes priority over learning.        

I could and have on occasion, said more but for today, the cartoon below by Dick Locher just says it best.

Walking the Gauntlet

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