Creating Jobs and other Liberal Myths

I have a list of editorial cartoons that I check each day.  Most are good, some are so-so, some I haven’t a clue to their point.  But usually, it’s very clear what they are trying to say.  Glenn McCoy below is a good example.
Debt Star One
Liberals continue to perpetuate the myth that government creates jobs.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  They point to the increase in governmental employment as if that was something to be proud of.  The truth is that each government employee is paid by money taken out of the private sector.  When there is less money in the private sector, there are few jobs.  Money has to go INTO the private sector to create jobs and the opposite is happening.

I glad those government employees aren’t in the unemployment line.  But I do resent it when it is at the cost of MY job.  I’d much rather see them employed in the private sector at my side.

Instead, they are an impediment to private sector job growth and employment.

The DrudgeReport headline at this time is: Vacation Time: Jobless Claims Up. Recently, earlier this week, another Obama administration talking head made the claim that unemployment payments helped the economy by putting money in circulation.  As best that I remember, he said, “The unemployed can’t afford to save so they have to spend their payments. That puts money into circulation.” 

This quote, among others, is from a liberal front man urging the government to lengthen unemployment payments another 99 weeks.  If I remember correctly, unemployment already can be stretched out to about three years and this money-grabber wants another 99 weeks added to that!

The fallacy is that putting money into circulation creates jobs and increases employment.  They continue to ignore that the funds for those added payments must come from somewhere.  In effect, the trail of the taxes that pays those additional unemployment payments takes money out of the economy.  At every step from the taxpayer’s check, through the IRS, through the bureaucracy, money is lost through waste and duplication.

I note that last weeks unemployment is once again above 400,000.  Who knows, once the previous week’s 399,000 figure is examined a bit more closely, it too will be above the 400,000 mark…just it did about about month ago.

Obama is on a road tour with his two Canadian built and purchased buses and at a stop a farmer complains about the amount of federal paperwork he must complete just to farm.  In response, Obama blames Washington apparently clueless that HE is Washington. He and his bureaucracy is the reason why this farmer is inundated with federal regulations.

Clueless.  I tried to find a better adjective to describe my opinion of Obama.  Arrogant? Yes. Uninformed? No, I can’t really say that.  Information is readily at hand nor can be be said to be ignorant for the same reason.  It isn’t ignorance when he refuses to even acknowledge facts that are contrary to his beliefs.

Obama’s approval ratings dropped below 40% this week. There’s been rumblings in the DNC about him among rumors of a primary challenge.

But perhaps the worse slap of all came from Maxine Waters and the Black Congressional Caucus who complained that Obama wasn’t helping Blacks enough and that the Caucus would drop their support if something wasn’t done.

When the BCC drops their support, you know Obama is in trouble at home.  At this point, ANYONE could beat him in the next election.  I can not imagine anyone who’d be worse.

Well…Ron Paul would come close.

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