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State Senator Brian Nieves
Today is a first.  I was invited on a radio program hosted by Brian Nieves and Dave Bailey on KWMO, Washington, MO.  The appearance covered my efforts in the passage of the “Don’t Tread on Me” vanity license plate.  Brian, a MO state Senator from Washington, MO, was the MO Senate liaison for the bill.

While it was only five minutes, I did get my few moments of fame.


Not everyone in Washington sold us out.  I was heartened to hear my local US Representative, Vicky Hartzler (R-MO-4) voted NO against the debt increase bill.
At least there is one politician in Washington who has the guts to stand on her principles and uphold those who send her there.
Unlike Boehner and McConnell.  Spit!!


The Cartoon of the Day is presented by Michael Ramirez.
And free cell phones and internet?
The debt deal is done to all our detriment. Now the knives come out.

Beware The ‘Supercommittee’

Budget Policy: Congress’ debt-ceiling deal kicked the can over to a special bipartisan “supercommittee” that will make big decisions on spending cuts and taxes. Will that panel be top-heavy with liberals?
There is a lot to fear from the establishment of an umpteenth blue-ribbon commission designed to solve another dilemma said to be beyond the reach of the ordinary legislative procedures of the U.S. government.
One such recent supercommittee of sorts, the 2006 Iraq Study Group, recommended another Vietnam-style surrender for the U.S.; then-President George W. Bush turned the tables with Gen. David Petraeus’ successful Iraq surge initiative.
Tea Party activists are properly worried about Congress’ new supercommittee duping the public into accepting tax hikes and phantom spending reform.
FreedomWorks Vice President Max Pappas, for instance, charged last week that “Speaker Boehner is using the committee as a facade for potential tax increases down the road without having to commit to anything on paper right now while the debate is hot. So essentially, the supercommittee is the tax hike.”
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, meanwhile, is mocking “Republican leaders in the Senate saying there will be no revenue.” According to Reid, “that’s not going to happen” because “this joint committee” will agree to politically “painful” tax increases.

The entire article can be found here.

I’ve heard some call this group the “Politburo.”  I think it’s about right.

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