Bush and Obama

Just feelin’ snarky today.  Smartest president…heh!

4 thoughts on “Bush and Obama

  1. As one who entered that AF program, I can say an absolute, "Yes!" Most of the requirements are the same for pilot candidates for the Marines and Navy. The Army requirements are different and I'm fuzzy on those differences now.

    Of the pure AF pilot requires, you can to achieve a 97 on the AFOQT test (Air Force Officers Qualifing Test) that at the time was higher than the Navy's 95 requirement. I took both. In addition, you have to have a 3.5, or C+ average on your college transcript. As classes got filled, that grade average went up. A few months (1968) before I went into the AF, the grade requirement for pilot cadet was an A-.

    I don't think the overall requirement formula has changed much since then.

    To answer your question, yes, the AF is more picky than the Army. At least it was during VN and the subsequent two decades.

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