Betrayal of Trust

Is it us, them or someone else?  It seems the public’s relationship with police and law enforcement agencies keeps deteriorating. Since the creation of police forces, some as early as the 12th century, the problem of corruption has never been resolved.

Modern police departments and law enforcement agencies usually have some element of self-control and oversight. Whether it’s called Internal Affairs or like that of the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility, all are some form of self-policing.  On occasion, it’s necessary to have an outside agency perform the investigation like the FBI has in the case of the Kansas City, Kansas Police theft ring.

Three KCK police officers indicted for stealing

2 thoughts on “Betrayal of Trust

  1. Old NFO is correct. The police dept here has now completed its transition to all-black ninja suits, expedition-to-Iraq tacticool gear, and knee-boots.

    There is nothing about the local po-po which inspires any citizen confidence whatsoever.

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