I’ve completed my quest

This week is ending on a definite positive note.  I’ve completed a decade-old quest and I’ll meet some blogger friends face-to-face Saturday.

The quest is that I’ve finally acquired a Colt Combat Commander, blued in .45acp.  It has some slight holster wear and a scratch on the slide around the slide release pin.  According to the serial number, it was manufactured in 1977.

I don’t have it in hand at the moment. It’s being transferred from Kansas to my local FFL and I don’t have a photo—yet.  In the mean time, feast your eyes on the image above from the internet. It’s almost exactly like mine.

The second item is that Holly Berry and her hubby, Johnny, AKA JPG, will be in the KC area this weekend and we’re having lunch Saturday.  We’ve never met but I think Mrs Crucis and I have a lot in common with Holly and Johnny.  I’m looking forward to it and we’ll show’em some KC BBQ.

I can hardly wait!                     

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