That Wascally…

It’s almost summer. The elections arrive next year.  It’s Palin season again.  The New York Times and the Washington post have asked readers to examine Palin’s e-mails while she was Governor of Alaska and dig some dirt.

The only problem—there’s no dirt!
It’s strange the MSM fears someone who is not in office, whose marriage is strong and stable, a mother who refused to kill her Downs Syndrome child, and…has not announced she’s running for office. A private citizen.
As Rush Limbaugh often says, “The left will tell you whom they fear.”  That, my readers, is a truism.  If Sarah Palin decides to run, she will be the front-runner.  The media knows that.  That is why it is Palin season.

2 thoughts on “That Wascally…

  1. our liberal media delighted in the fact that an email of Sarah surfaced making reference to our pass governor Jane Swift. Quote: " shoot me if I act like her" That is what many of us in the state were saying ourselves at that time!!!

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