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Today was my quarterly visit to the vampire. Those of you who’ve reached five decades know what I mean. Every quarter you have a blood test done to check on various physical aspects—cholesterol, blood sugar levels, protein levels, ad nauseum. It also means no breakfast for me. Instead of following my usual routine, I sat this morning listening to a local talk-show radio program.

The subject was comparisons. A caller was upset about the Department of Education sending a SWAT team to collect on overdue college student loans. (UPDATE: It appears that the article has been pulled from the local TV station’s website. Here’s an alternate link to another website.) In addition, they went to the wrong address and terrorized a young man and his two children—for six hours. The SWAT team had a no-knock search warrant (How? Why?) for the man’s estranged wife. He wasn’t signatory on the loans and had nothing to do with them.

(By the way, why does the Department of Education need a SWAT team? To terrorize loan deadbeats?)

The show moved to comparing those SWAT team actions with that of your local loan shark. You own money to the shark, he breaks into your house at Oh-Dark-Thirty, rousts you and your children demanding repayment. Look at the laws broken:

  1. Breaking and Entering.
  2. Assault and Battery.
  3. Assault with a Deadly Weapon.
  4. Commission of a crime using a weapon.
  5. Child endangerment.
  6. Kidnapping.
  7. Extortion.
  8. Vandalism.

The list can go on. But—when the feds or local LEOs do the same, they get off without being charged.

Theft: when a mugger sticks a gun in your ribs and takes your money, it’s theft. When the government seizes your assets, breaks in your door with a search warrant, it’s taxation and revenue recovery.

Home Invasion: when a thug breaks in your door in the wee hours of the morning, it’s breaking and entering and a slew of other crimes. When the fed/LEOs break into the wrong house, it’s a mistake. And, if they leave you dead on the floor, it’s still your fault for daring to protect your family in the face of an illegal entry.

When such occurrences by government become the norm, what difference is there from thugs and gangsters and law enforcement agents?

Not too much.

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