Use it or Lose it!

This will be a bit short today. I’ve errands to run (gotta go the Cabela’s doncha know!)

Use it. Or, lose it. Those are choices we’ve each made from time to time. Our black cat, Snowflake, discovered this morning just what that means. Her cat bed that was once perched atop Mrs. Crucis’ sewing machine was missing!

My wife found the round cat bed somewhere, brought it home and Snowflake fell in love with it. Perhaps the fact that it was up “high” had something to do with it. Cats like lurking high above the scene, the higher the better. Anyway, Snowflake would curl up in the cat bed for her morning, noontime, afternoon snooze. Our other cat, a tiger-striped tabby named Amber, never cared for the cat bed. It was all Snowflake’s.

But cats are fickle. Preferences change due, perhaps to poor memory or other things new that have struck up their current interest. Snowflake’s use of the cat bed dwindled and over the last few months, stopped.

Noting that it was unused, Mrs. Crucis, gave the cat bed to a friend for their cat.

This morning, Snowflake jumped atop the sewing machine, examined the area where the cat bed once resided and looked at me as if to say, “What happened? Where is it?

“It’s gone, Snowflake. Use it or lose it. You didn’t use it. You’ll just have to make do with something else.”

There’s a cautionary tale here that applies to us as well as to Snowflake. We all have things, abilities, freedoms and rights. If we don’t use them, they will disappear.

When I was a boy, I didn’t need to wear a helmet to ride my bicycle. I didn’t need my parent’s permission to walk into our local Western Auto store a buy a box of .22LR ammunition. In fact, at age twelve, I didn’t need my parent’s permission to buy myself that .22 Marlin bolt-action rifle that I’d saved for. I was a member of Youth for Christ and we met every other week in my Latin teacher’s classroom. We prayed at school assemblies and a local minister was the school chaplain who was available three times a week—during school hours, for consultation in an office next to the teacher’s lounge.

Liberty is dear. More so when it’s taken from us.

Use it or lose it. It’s more than a lesson for cats.

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