Bye, bye, Gingrich

I remember when Newt Gingrich was elected Speaker of the House.  He had fire and an agenda, the Contract with America. He made significant changes in the operation of the house.  He also helped kill Obamacare ver. 1, aka Hillarycare.  But in politics as with everything, it’s “what have you done lately?”  Gingrich’s recent performance was a surprise to many and revealed the statism in Gingrich that also infests so many of the ‘Pub national elite.

His attack against the Ryan plan is a page out of the liberal playbook. He could have presented a viable alternative, how he could work with Ryan and the Tea Party to make changes to better the plan.  Instead, Gingrich violated the Reagan Rule (never speak badly about a fellow Republican) and killed any chance of conservative support that wasn’t in league with the elites.

Gingrich had so much potential.  But he blew it last Sunday and revealed his true self—a Ruling Class wannbe. Many have spoken about Gingrich’s fiasco so I won’t continue,  However, perhaps this piece from the Investor’s Business Daily will provide better perspective on the Medicare reform debate.

Editorial: Gingrich On Wrong Side In Medicare Debate

Politics: Democrats’ reckless Mediscare attack against Rep. Paul Ryan’s reform is bad enough. But for Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich to feed them ammunition is unconscionable.
Ever since the Wisconsin Republican unveiled his Medicare reform plan, Democrats from President Obama on down have tried to cast it as radical. Indeed, “Ryan’s radical plan to destroy Medicare” is practically their mantra.
So it was disheartening, to say the least, to see Gingrich dropping the R word left and right on “Meet the Press” this past Sunday. “I don’t think imposing radical change from the right or the left is a very good way for a free society to operate,” he said, adding that “I would be against a conservative imposing radical change.”
Ryan was absolutely right when he said on Monday: “With allies like that, who needs the left?” The true shame is that Gingrich blew a golden opportunity explain why Ryan’s plan is, in fact, the opposite of radical.
First, he could have pointed out that Ryan wouldn’t change anything in Medicare for a decade, leaving all current retirees alone, and giving today’s workers plenty of time to get ready.
Then he could have explained that the reform idea at the core of Ryan’s plan has, in one form or another, been championed by sensible Democrats for many years.
Under Ryan’s plan, rather than creaky government-run insurance, future retirees could choose from a menu of private plans, with the feds picking up the bulk of the premium tab.
This “premium support” idea was first advocated more than 15 years ago by health experts at two liberal think tanks, and by a bipartisan Medicare commission that President Clinton put together in 1998. An earlier version of Ryan’s plan was drafted with the help of Clinton budget director Alice Rivlin.
And instead of casting it as scary “right-wing social engineering,” Gingrich could have noted that Ryan’s reformed Medicare would look very much like what most workers have today — a choice of private plans, with the bulk of the premiums paid by somebody else.
Finally, he could have reminded the public that what’s really radical is what Obama and his fellow Democrats are advocating — do nothing, hope to win some votes by scaring seniors and let Medicare bankrupt the country.
Instead, Gingrich shamelessly echoed Obama’s bogus claim that there isn’t anything wrong with Medicare that can’t be fixed by wringing out “waste, fraud and abuse” — the classic dodge for politicians unwilling to make any hard choices.
On Monday, Gingrich tried to walk back his comments, with his spokesman claiming that what he really meant by “radical” was simply that “politically you can’t get to what Ryan wants from where we are. It will be demagogued to death.”
Maybe that’s true. But we’ll never know as long as Gingrich is the one doing the demagoguing.

Sorry, Newt, you won’t get my vote.  When you start supporting the left and their agenda, you’re no longer part of my Republican party.  I’m not an elitist, nor a Ruling Class wannabe. I’m just a American citizen working to restore the greatness of this nation that’s been stolen by the democrats and their Marxist core.                      

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  1. "Sorry, Newt, you won't get my vote. When you start supporting the left and their agenda, you're no longer part of my Republican party. I'm not an elitist, nor a Ruling Class wannabe. I'm just a American citizen working to restore the greatness of this nation that's been stolen by the democrats and their Marxist core."

    It's amazing how one slip of the brain and tongue can reveal so much about someone – when I heard about it, I just shook my head. Newt had a Negligent Mouth Discharge™…

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