Movie Report: Atas Shrugged

Mrs. Crucis and I caught the afternoon matinee of Atlas Shrugged yesterday. This showing was the first of three parts. Each part to be released on Tax Day.  The following two parts will be released next year and again on April 15, 2013. Personally, that’s a bit long to wait. I would have timed the releases periodically with the last segment being released about two weeks prior to the 2012 elections.

All-in-all, the movie has been, to the best of my memory, faithful to the book.  There have been some abridgment, but no changes as far as I could tell.  I last read Atlas Shrugged about 18 months ago so much of it is still relatively fresh in my memory. This first part ends with the disappearance of oilman Ellis Wyatt.

The movie is being shown in five theaters in the KC area, three on the Kansas side (one being in Lawrence, KS), and two on the Missouri side.  The closest to us was the Town Center Theaters across the street where I once worked as a Sprint engineer.  Tickets were $12 apiece.  That was a bit of a shock because ticket prices at our local theater is half that.  Still, it was worth the money.

I was a bit disappointed on the attendance.  The movie was being shown in one of the smaller theaters in the Town Center complex. I would guess there were maybe forty people watching—all couples. I didn’t see any singletons.  One fact I whispered to my wife was that the youngest couple was in their late thirties or early forties.  The average age of the couples would have been in the mid-fifties as a guess.  The high end was due to a several couples older than Mrs. Crucis and I and we’ve seen Sixty come and go.

As we walked through the lobby, we could see the younger families lining up to see Hop and Rango.  The teenagers and those without kids were heading for other shows.  I was disappointed that none of them were interested in seeing Atlas Shrugged.  On reflection, I wondered how many even knew about the book and who was Ayn Rand.

I was reminded of the slogan, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”  There was ample evidence of that wastage in the movie complex.

The professional reviewers panned the movie claiming it was too long, that it was too choppy, that it should have been one movie instead of three. I’m not a reviewer but I was gratified that the producers kept faith to the book and were accurate as they could be given the restrictions converting any book to the big screen.  I think Ayn Rand would have liked what was done.                 

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  1. Sofa, thanks for the comment.

    I'm not a reviewer nor a movie critic (although I can be very critical.) I just reported what I saw. I was concerned with accuracy of the movie to the book and those concerns proved needless. There were some minor changes to fit our times. The movie is for a few years in the future—2017 and some verbiage was added to support the economic state of that time. That was a very minor change and worthwhile.

  2. Now I need to go out and read the book, as I haven't read it.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer hard-copy books to e-books…mainly, I like the smell and the ability to make notes in my own books.

  3. MM, be forewarned, reading Atlas Shrugged can turn into a marathon. It is not easy reading. The style is 1950ish and wordy. It took me quite a while to get into it this last time even though I'd read the book when I was in college over four decades ago.

    For some, it's like dieting—small steady bites. The movie gave one thing away at the very end of Part 1. IIRC, that item wasn't revealed until much further into the book.

    It's a "thinking" book. I think, overall, you'll like it.

    BTW, I switched to ebooks because I just ran out of room. I haven't voluntarily tossed a book in my life. My basement office is lines on three sides with floor to ceiling book shelves. I have over 1,100 ebooks on my Android tablet. My entire ebook library fits on an 16GB flash drive.

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