Random Shots for Friday

It’s that season again.  Which season? Baseball? No.  Spring? No.

It’s Tea Party season!!

This year will be the first in three years we won’t be going to a Tea Party on April 15th.  As far as I can find, the closest will be in Topeka tomorrow with all the usual suspects.  Gregg Knapp, the new morning radio host for KCMO will be there in place of Chris Stigall who is now in Philadelphia. 

The Political Chips website lists another gathering at the Liberty Memorial tomorrow.


Remember the spending cuts in Boehner’s sell-out to the dems?  Yes, that one that was supposed to be $38Bn and when the truth came out really only contained $352 Million in discretionary cuts.

Another of Boehner’s lies has just been exposed.  He claimed the cuts were permanent.  Yeah.  This morning it was revealed that those measly $352 Million cuts last until…October 2011.

Yep, that’s right. The cuts last until the end of the fiscal year. At that point the CR expires.  Any cuts that were included will have to be re-negotiated again.

Hear that Ohioans?  Kick Boehner out in the next Primary.  He’s unfit to hold ANY elected office.


The FedGov claims that inflation is only 0.5% for the second month in a row.  They exclude fuel and food price increases.


We have to eat. We have to travel further than we are able to walk.  Food and fuel price increases affect us everyday. Why the masquerade?  It makes the FedGov look good.

I found this tidbit in today’s Morning Bell from the Heritage Foundation.

Food and fuel prices keep going up, leading to an increase in the cost of living in the United States for the ninth consecutive month. 

The Bloomberg report is more explicit.  Gasoline prices have gone 3.5% from the last month. At that pace the yearly inflation rate is 42%. Food price went up 0.8% for a yearly increase of 9.6%.


Energy costs increased 3.5 percent from a month earlier, the most since December. Gasoline prices increased 5.6 percent.

Food costs rose 0.8 percent, the biggest increase since July 2008. 
The cost of medical care increased 0.2 percent after a 0.4 percent increase the prior month. Apparel costs dropped 0.5 percent in March after a 0.9 percent decrease a month earlier.

And what is the FedGov doing to combat this?

They’re printing more money that will feed more inflation. Again, from the Bloomberg report…

The Federal Reserve last month reiterated a plan to complete a second round of bond purchases that’ll pump $600 billion into the financial system by June. 
Starting in May, Utah residents will be able to shop in a currency other than the dollargold, something that hasn’t happened since 1933. 
Utah became the first U.S. state last month to recognize gold and silver coins minted by the federal government as legal tender. More than a dozen other states are considering similar measures, and are expected to follow Utah’s example. The move, proponents say, is caused by declining faith in the U.S. monetary system and concern about rising inflation.  

With the price of Gold approaching $2,000 an ounce, maybe this is an idea whose time has come—again.


Oh, if you were planning on driving from Kansas City to Denver today?  You can’t get there from here!

Due to a late season arrival of Globull Worming, I-70 in Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas is closed until they can get the plows out to clear the Interstate.

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