Followup: Missouri "Don’t Tread on Me" Vanity Plate passes Missouri House

I wrote about my efforts to get a new vanity plate approved for Missouri here and here

In some folk’s view, it’s the Tea Party symbol, the license plate equivalent of the Don’t Tread on Me Gadsen FlagMissouri state House Bill 307 was approved in the Missouri House Tuesday, April 5, 2011,  on a wide margin, 133 to 18. It’s significant that all 18 NO votes were from democrats. The bill now goes to the Missouri Senate where it is expected to be passed on a similar margin.

If you haven’t seen what the proposed new plate looks like, here it is.

I urge you to call, write, fax and e-mail your Missouri state Senator and urge him to vote Yes on this bill and to push for its immediate passage.  If you don’t know how to contact your state senator, here’s a link to let you find their contact information.  My state Senator is David Pearce.                   

10 thoughts on “Followup: Missouri "Don’t Tread on Me" Vanity Plate passes Missouri House

  1. We moved to Alaska from Missouri nearly 10 years ago. MO has taken a hard right turn since then, and I heartily approve.

    For example: it used to be illegal there to buy ammo in a caliber you're not licensed to own. Don't know if it's still that way, but MO was very firearms-unfriendly back in the '90s.

  2. Rev, I don't know where you lived in Missouri but I've lived here, escaping from Illinois, since 1969. I've NEVER had any problem buying guns or ammo. Not one time.

    I did get irritated having to get the Sheriff's approval to buy a handgun but that went out the window when CCW was passed. Now Missouri has some of the best gunlaws in the country. About the only thing we lack is a "do not need to retreat" law and Campus carry. Both came close to passing last year but died in committee. We have more conservatives in the statehouse now after the elections last fall.

    We also have a "Castle law" and this year should get that extended from your home to your property line.

    Missouri is moving forward.

  3. That does sound better.

    I used to work for Franklin County (west of St. Louis Co.) & spent time reading the State statutes re: firearms. The law I referenced was there, but may have been rarely enforced.

    Either way, the situation has improved. Good on all y'all.

  4. I. LOVE. THIS.

    We have a Gadsden on the back of our van — a sticker on the rear window. Never thought of the vanity plate I'm not a vanity plate kinda gal — but I could suffer for this…

    GREAT job!

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