Ryan’s Budget Proposals

I introduced this topic yesterday.  I didn’t know any details then but today some have been released.  The dem/lib idiots have started their expected, “People will DIE!!!!”, BS as usual.

Social Security was untouched. Medicare and Medicaid was.  The changes to Medicare was to eliminate it in its present form and provide direct subsidies to retirees to underwrite healthcare insurance premiums. Retirees can choose any insurance plan that fits their needs without having an unwanted socialist mandate crammed down their throats.  Medicaid would be changed to block-grants to each state.  The states would manage Medicaid in any manner they deem appropriate.

Tax rates would be reduced with a top level coming down to 25%.

The plan reduces the highest-in-the world corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent and the top individual income rate to the same level. The lower corporate tax rate would reverse the flow of jobs to foreign countries, and the lower individual income tax rate would improve incentives for workers and businesses to produce more and for investors and businesses to create new jobs. 

The federal budget would be frozen at the 2008 spending level. It also includes reducing corporate welfare, Pell grants (which would negatively affect my daughter’s education towards a Nursing degree,) reduces the federal workforce by 10% and some farm and food-stamp subsidies.

Will these reforms get passed?  Unfortunately, it’s unlikely.  Harry Reid still has control of the Senate and Obama has declared he’d veto it.  Regardless, it’s a very good start.  The next step is negotiations, the give and take.
My response to the give and take is to give as little as necessary and take everything the dems let slip through.  I end this post with this from Gary Varvel.
And just so you understand what the proposed cuts in the Continuing Resolution talks compare to the total budget, here is brief, clearly understood explanation from Michael Ramirez.

3 thoughts on “Ryan’s Budget Proposals

  1. Thanks, NFO. I heartily approve of Ryan's reforms. It would directly affect me and mine and not necessarily in a positive form.

    But, it's necessary.

    Nancy Pelosi uttered the usual dem response as I predicted—"People will staaaarve!!!" More and more rank and file dems are waking up and realizing that all the BS really is BS.

    Ya have a good day and stay away from any radioactive susi. 🙂

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