Election Day: April 5, 2011

Next week is my local election day for city council and for the local school board. The usual lyin’ libs are running again.

I met one last week. I was pulling out my drive-way when this older “gentleman” appeared suddenly at my passenger door. I had looked all around as I was backing out and didn’t see him anywhere. He walked around to my side and said, after I rolled down the window, “I wanted to introduce myself before you left.” My first thought was that he’d run over, keeping in my blindspot, and risked that I might run over him just to make a political appeal!

He handed me some flyers, spoke his name and asked for my vote. I noticed he was wearing a NRA t-shirt. So I asked, “You’re a NRA member?”

His response started with, “Yeah, but I don’t agree with them on a number of things.”

Alarm bells started ringing in my mind.

There was a charter amendment passed last year that prohibited concealed carry in city buildings. It was advertised misleadingly and was so poorly written that it also prohibited plain-clothed cops from carrying in city buildings too. Also if any uniformed cops had a concealed backup weapon, they couldn’t enter any city buildings either. Note, the police headquarters is a city building too.

I asked this candidate if he favored repealing that charter amendment? He said, “No. It’s too dangerous to allow weapons on city property.”

Ah ha!

What we have here, folks, is a lib trying to use the NRA to masquerade as a ‘Pub or conservative. Typical. I discovered later this person was our local equivalent to Harold Stassen.

I returned his campaign flyers and told him he’d not get my vote. I said I favored the repeal of the charter amendment and that I also had a concealed carry permit. His eyes widened a bit. I’m not sure if it was because I’d just told him he’d lost my vote or if it was the usual lib response to anyone willing and able to defend themselves. He also wasn’t too observant or he’d have seen my Life NRA license plate holder on my Tahoe.

I won’t say who this person was other than his initials are RH. I’ve since had a campaign sign of Ryan Wescoat, his opponent, placed in my yard. Ryan is the imcumbent. He was appointed to complete the term of a conservative councilman who ran, successfully, for a county office. Ryan is one of our local Young Republicans and has good conservative credentials.

I urge you to vote for him for Raymore City Council.