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This time of year is always full of celebration and expectation. As I said in an earlier post, I had a birthday over the weekend reaching another milestone. My wife will join me in a few months. In April, our daughter and oldest grandson will have birthdays. Yesterday, Mrs. Crucis and I celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary.

We, like many, went out to dinner last evening and scarfed a “ton” of shrimp at a local seafood emporium. It had been a while since we were last there. I was surprised how much the prices had risen.

The price increase was not solely due to the damage of the Gulf scrimp beds. Transportation costs are also a factor. Our local greasy spoon now charges a quarter if you want tomatoes on your ‘burger. I supposed if you’re not inclined to pay the extra cost, you can always make your BLT just a BL.

All in all, this is a great time of year, April 15th excepted. We had 3″ or more of snow on Monday and today the temps will reach the mid-70s.


With all the reports coming from Japan, what is not mentioned is as interesting as what is mentioned. Mentioned is all the contamination, full rods melting(?), explosions, reporters running in circles screaming and shouting.

What isn’t being mentioned is that the reactors shutdown automatically—as designed, when the earthquake hit. The cooling pumps continued while local grid power was available. When that was lost, the on-site generators took over—as designed, and the cooling pumps continued. When the tsunami hit and took out the generators, the cooling pumps continued for another 8 hours on battery backup.

What’s the lesson learned? The earthquake did not do all the damage. The plant survived that event—as designed. It was the tsunami that did all the damage. The lesson: Don’t build your nuke plant on the sea shore where it’s vulnerable to unprecedented tsunamis.

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