The End of the Line

With the tragic events going on in Japan, the liberal fearmongers are pushing disinformation at full speed.  Some idiot is claiming “fallout” will reach the West Coast “any day now.” The ignorant sheep, encouraged by Obama’s Surgeon General, created a run on iodine tablets used to treat radioactive contamination. 

It’s all a circus and no one in the media has bothered to check their facts.  I’m not sure who is worse. The media for spreading all the misinformation or the dupes who believe it.


I think we are seeing the beginning of the end of public sector unions.  Private sector unionism has been on the decline for decades. 

Here are some cartoonists who concur with me.

Wisconsin was an example of the partnership between unions and democrats. A very BAD example, too.

Private sector unions have been declining. Workers have realized that the unions were not supporting them but were doing nothing more than taking their dues and using that money for political purposes.                              

Public sector unions, however, have grown with the support of democrats. Democrats learned early that campaign money could be filtered through the unions. It’s money laundering that would make the Mafia proud.

That relationship must go if states are to get their debt under control.

Unions are nothing more than parasites sucking the life out of workers.  And, for what it’s worth, I once belonged to the Teamsters.              

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  1. One needs to look up the side effects of the iodine tablets, when they do, I think they'll take a chance with the radiation, it does less damage… re unions, yep… and good riddance…

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