Why Unions are so upset about the Wisconsin proposals

When you step back and look at it, the entire issue is about money. Not money to the union members, not money to their retirement or health funds, it’s money laundering for the democrat party.

Here’s how it works. Union participation is required if you’re a teacher or for most of the state employees. You have no say in the matter. Your dues are with-held by the state and separately sent to the union—not the local union, not the state union, but to the national office. Member benefits are not paid from these dues, the state pays for those benefits from the state’s tax receipts.

What does the national unions do with those dues? They’re used to fund democrat politicians!

Top Contributors, 2009-2010

Contributor Amount
National Education Assn $6,778,993
American Federation of Teachers $5,183,670
American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic Employees $4,471,707
International Assn of Fire Fighters $2,812,050
National Assn of Letter Carriers $2,758,500
American Postal Workers Union $1,671,700
American Federation of Govt Employees $993,240
National Rural Letter Carriers Assn $988,500
Natl Active & Retired Fed Employees Assn $835,500
National Treasury Employees Union $565,000
International Assn of Firefighters $500,000
National Assn of Postal Supervisors $430,843
National Assn of Postmasters $407,410
Federal Aviation Admin Managers Assn $204,500
National League of Postmasters $174,200
National Postal Mail Handlers Union $163,000
Florida Police Benevolent Assn $69,000
Non Profit Teachers Assn $57,700
National Weather Service Employees Org $57,600
American Foreign Service Assn $41,000

We’ve sent Mafiosos to jail for doing the same thing the unions are doing—laundering money to circumvent legal restrictions.

4 thoughts on “Why Unions are so upset about the Wisconsin proposals

  1. Kinda like tax slashing for
    corporations so they can
    contribute as individuals to
    campaigns of those who will
    provide more tax breaks?
    Anon, Don

  2. Nothing could be further from that comparison. Corporations are legal entities—just like you. They should have the same rights as any other legal entity and that includes being able to contribute to anyone or any party.

    Unions are legal entities too. So why do you imply it's OK for unions but not for corporations? Unions fund democrats for the same reason a corporation would—influencing government.

    What's good for one must be good for the other.

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