Quicky for today

This will be a short post today.  My car has been in the shop since yesterday morning getting a variety of ailments fixed.  All-in-all, it’s expected to cost me $1,000 before everything is finished.  One nagging problem that will cost half of the bill was tracking down a computer alarm—emission failure.  

Apparently there is a leak in either the exhaust or fuel lines and is being picked up by a sensor.  The good part is that they’ve narrowed the leak down.  The bad part is that they’ll have to drop the gas tank to get to it.  $200-250 for labor plus parts, maybe another $200-250 for the parts.  Then add on a new water pump (leaking coolant) and new brake pads on the front.

That’s a lot of money on a car I plan to trade in a few months.  However, I’d rather spend $1,000 now that lose $2,000-3,000 in trade-in value in a month or two.  When you look at from that point of view, the cost is worth doing.

At the moment, I’m waiting for the phone to ring from the shop.  It’ll be a race. Will the car get finished before the freezing rain and 3-5″ of snow forecasted for today arrives?

I’m not like Og or Carteach0.  I know zip about repairing cars.  I do know how to care for autos and get them repaired when needed.  Frankly, I’m glad I’m not like those two.  I don’t have the aptitude for grease (unless it’s for my pistols.)

In the mean time, here’s a cartoon for your enjoyment.

Update: (9:34AM).  I’ve lost the race.  The freezing rain and sleet has already arrived.

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