Signs of a failing nation.

As I wrote yesterday, one of the signs of a failing nation is factionalization. When the sense of national unity is broken it is nearly impossible to be repaired.  We’re seeing some signs of attempts to repair unity with the rise of the Tea Parties and conservative states confronting union socialism.  That’s a good start.

Another sign of a failing nation is the failure to secure its borders. A nation who has no clear borders is no longer a nation. Territory, land that we can say, “This is mine. I will defend what is mine,” is the core component of a nation.  Without land, the people of a nation are no more than nomadic tribes.

The Obama administration is purposely failing to establish and defend our borders.  They want the nomads to come in to increase the size of their faction. That is another step towards barbarism.  Factionalism is inconsistent with civilization.  One one hand you have a group that places its faction over that of the nation. On the other hand is a group that places its nation over that of its faction.  The military is a prime example of the latter while the democrat leadership is an example of the former.  The two are not compatible.

The republicans are not guiltless in factionalism either.  George Bush only gave lip service to protecting our borders.  He wanted to sweep illegal alien issue under the rug, to hide the issue by granting illegals amnesty.  He thought it was a no-win situation. Regardless, it was another step towards barbarism.  When you refuse to protect what is yours, you are weaker to resist that next barbarian that comes onto the scene.

A number of states are actively confronting this issue.  Arizona was the first to begin to protect their state borders after the failure of the FedGov to uphold it’s constitutionally mandated directive and the active assistance of the FedGov to circumvent its constitutional requirement.

We, in the US, are fortunate that we do have a constitution. We are also fortunate that the 2nd Amendment provides us the means to resist barbarism—even when that barbarian is our own federal government.

As I  write this comes the news that Indiana state democrats have fled to Illinois and Kentucky to block a vote that would make Indiana a Right-to-work state.  Those democrats, as well as those in Wisconsin, are holding allegiance to their faction, to their fellow barbarians at the expense of civilization. 

It will be a long battle.                     

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