Fiddlin’ on Friday

I’ve been looking for a topic for today and I haven’t been too successful. Some of our church teenagers shoveled our drive so we could get out yesterday. Some of the drifts and the one across our garage door exceeded three feet.

With weather in mind and all, here’s some companion cartoons to my posts earlier this week. A continuation of themes…

Up to his Schnozz in Global Warming!

On Obamacare…

EPA out of Control…

And then’s there’s Obama’s contempt of our courts and of congress…

Y’all have a great weekend. We’re forecasted to get some more snow Sunday night.

Tip of the hat to cartoonists, Glenn McCoy, Chuck Asay, Lisa Benson and Chris Muir.

4 thoughts on “Fiddlin’ on Friday

  1. NFO, Brigid, thanks for dropping by. The three church kids finished shoveling our drive in about 15 minutes. They shoveled by hand to boot then went on to shovel another nearby church member's drive as well. All this at about 7PM with the temps dropping to -10F later that night.

    More snow forecasted overnight and again tomorrow (Sunday) night, too. At least there are no power nor LP gas shortages here that is happening in TX and other western states.

    Maybe this is the year I figger out how to light our gas fireplace… 😉

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