The third party controversy has risen again. With the continuing slander by Trump against Cruz. Trump’s attack against Heidi Cruz. Would any of the ‘Pub candidates vow to support the party’s nominee. Trump said this week to a reporter if he would keep his promise not to run as a third-party candidate, he said no if he, in Trump’s opinion, was treated unfairly. Similrly, when asked whether they would support a Trump candidacy, Cruz and Kasich refused to answer. Trump has always threatened to run third party if the GOP didn’t roll over for him. It is easy to look forward and see if Trump, or Cruz for that matter, would run as a third party candidate.

The conventional wisdom is that it would be a repeat of Ross Perot’s run in the ’92 election. The Perot voters drew enough votes from the GOP to give Clinton the election.

With all the attention being given to Trump, Cruz and Kasich over a third-party run, the media is ignoring what is happening with the communist, uhh, democrat side of the slate. Bernie the Marxist, who has never held a job outside of government, is running neck-and-neck against Hillary in the vote count.

The DNC establishment rules gives the party the final choice on who will be their national candidate. Their establishment has decided that it is Hillary’s turn to run. They ignore the possibility that Hillary may be indicted before election day next Fall.

The deal between Obama and the Clintons appears to have ended.  Bill, in a speaking engagement this last week, said the last eight years were the worst in US history.  Chelsea, in a rally scantily attended, made similar remarks. In her speech, Chelsea attacked Obamacare and its rising costs.

No one has ever accused Obama of having a thick skin. These attacks by the Clinton will not go unnoticed. Nor will Obama let them slide by. Retribution, in some form, will be coming. It could be that Obama’s Justice Department will unlock the chains from the FBI and an indictment may be coming, sooner, rather than later.

The DNC has decided that Bernie will not be their candidate. One example occurred this week when the local dem establishment forgot to put Bernie’s name on the DC ballot.

The DNC has total control of the democrat convention. Their party delegates—those selected directly by the party rather than those selected through the primary/caucus method, give Hillary the DNC control of the convention. These party-controlled delegates are more than enough to control the outcome of the democrat convention.

Given that situation, is it not unlikely that Bernie may split from the dems and run as a socialist candidate? He certainly has the following and his Brownshirts could easily change their focus from Trump to Hillary.

The following scenario is, therefore, possible. Trump, amid the growing support for Cruz, decides to run as an independent. Bernie, realizing he cannot win the dem convention, splits and runs as a Marxist of some label.

Who would win?

Good question. Trump wouldn’t. A significant portion of his followers are democrats. Would they remain? Don’t think so.

Would Hillary win? With the loss of the communists socialists within the party, she would definitely be in the minority.

Could Bernie pull it off? Does Bernie have sufficient numbers of college-age idiots who are looking desperately for a bailout of their college loans? Unlikely.

That leaves Cruz. He is gaining on Trump in the polls and endorsements. Jeb has, reluctantly, endorsed Cruz. So has Mike Lee, Cruz’ Senate colleague and and long-time supporter, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, plus other big-name endorsements. Can the remaining GOP and conservatives form a coalition to win the election? Don’t know.

In the end, it could quite possibly be a civics lesson on the institution and purpose of the Electoral College.  The College Electors could be the deciding factor in an election as pivotal and controversial as that of 1860. And…the end of the US two-party system.