Over the last year I’ve been a bit…lax about maintaining my blog.  I rectified that, somewhat, today. It was time to check my side-bar links. I number of the blog sites hadn’t been updated in a year.

One, Frank James’ site, I had kept for nostalgia. I respected Frank greatly and had met him a number of times, the last being at the NRA Annual Meeting in St. Louis. Frank had a stroke a few months later and passed last year of complications from that stroke. I read his last few entries before deleting his site from the side-bar. It was time to move on.

Like everything, time moves on. I’ve revitalized my ham radio hobby. Reading Roberta’s blog is a joy. I’ve added a boat-anchor to my collection, too, a 1950s Hallicrafters SX-101a receiver. Someday I’ll add a tube- based transmitter and join the folks reviving AM on 3.885MHz.

Maybe, as the election season proceeds, I’ll return here for more posting.