Tellin’ it like it is

New Jersey is undergoing a cultural and economic—not a crisis, but certainly “learning events.”  New Jersey, for decades, spent money like, well like democrats.  They spent as if there was no tomorrow and tomorrow has now arrived. Now, New Jersey is nearly bankrupt. Governor Chris Christie is fighting a holding battle against that bankruptcy and is slowly winning.

Recently, Christie met with some Firemen and Police officers. There weren’t the usual union thugs disrupting the event. It was an open discussion of spending cuts and reality.  The days of free healthcare, monstrous pensions, sinecure union jobs are gone.  Yes, it’s painful. Recovery from the economic rape by the democrats from the last several decades will take a long time and success is not  assured.

I can’t embed the video for some reason, but here’s a link.,AAAACEcotwk~,gYcGnPAbE5DRD2F-d4EW6eHYmGU1d3p5&bclid=0&bctid=763052194001             

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