Michelle Bachmann and the Tea Party on the SOTU

Rachel Maddow had a hissy fit about Michelle Bachman’s Tea Party response to BO’s State of the Union speech.  She wondered why there was “two Republican” responses to BO’s usual pack o’ lies.  Here’s a link to the video

Rachel Maddow stoops to tell US what the Tea Party is or is not, to tell US whether Michelle Bachman is a national spokesman or not.  She, who is a spokesman for the liberal ruling class attempts to dictate to us.  Just like a dem.

I’ve news for Maddow, the dems and for some ‘Pubs.  The Tea Party may not yet be a national political party.  But—if the ‘Pubs don’t get their act together it will.  The actions of some congressmen, who were elected by leveraging the Tea Party and then attempted to make nice with the dems, like Scott Brown and Marco Rubio, will find their political careers cut short. 

Some, like Boehner and McConnell, appear to know this.  Others, like Lindsey Graham, will find themselves on the chopping block the next election.  There are lessons to be learned…if the ‘Pubs, the ‘pub establishment, are receptive.  If not, there will be a third party, the Tea Party, and here is our flag. 

For a closing today, here’s a link to Sarah Palin’s response as well.                

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  1. I couldn't/wouldn't watch his speech. The boy had dropped by for a family dinner and we talked guns and self defense while Obama was on in the background. I don't believe a word that comes from his mouth so it would be a waste of my time to listen to the entire speech.

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