Same ol’, same old.

Some of my readers have asked when I’ll restart my blog. It’s a good question and one that I still can’t fully answer. Call it writer’s block, or call it disgust, or call it boredom of the “same old, same old.”

My politics have not changed. I’m still conservative, much more so than some whom I thought were also conservatives but who turned out to be nothing more than opportunists for personal power. I’m still a Ted Cruz supporter although I like Carson and Jindall, too.

Not much has changed. Trump still leads. Carson, Cruz and Fiorina follow. Jeb Bush continues to crater showing more and more that he’s nothing more than a democrat masquerading as a ‘Pub.

Trump continues to be in the lead. He still continues to be in the lead since his first public denouncement of illegal aliens and open borders. He was right and people flocked to him much to the surprise and fear of the GOP establishment.

Could I vote for Trump? I don’t know. I do not believe Trump has any core values other than the advancement of Trump. But—that is also true of most politicians. Nothing new there. The real question is if Trump’s goals and agendas are sufficiently in sync with ours? If so, great. But I’m still concerned that Trump is nothing more than a supporter of the current crony politics in Washington.

So, what it there to write about? Very little. I did see this piece from FOX News this morning. It could be prophetic.

Carson leaps in N.H. – In a new Boston Herald poll of New Hampshire GOP voters, Ben Carson took second place to frontrunning Trump at 16 percent, a 12 point jump from the Herald’s August poll. Carson also made gains in favorability, topping the GOP pack at 69 percent, a 14 point jump from August.

“I think the question is, whether when people begin to fall by the wayside …where their support goes and whether somebody emerges as the leading alternative to [Donald Trump]. Now, that could be Ben Carson, which would make sense in a way because after all, another constant in this cycle so far on the Republican side has been the enchantment with outsiders. And I don’t mean people who have been sort of outsiders within the system, I mean complete outsiders which is what Trump is. And it’s also what Ben Carson is.” – Brit Hume on “The Kelly File” Watch here.

Brit Hume, whom I once liked, is nothing more than a poster boy for the business as usual GOP establishment. Given that, when he speaks about the growing popularity and power of the outsider candidates, you can tell he’s worried. The establishment (note: lower case ‘e’. I do not capitalize the name of organizations I despise,) is now pushing Rubio as the establishment choice. He’s marginally better than Bush except for his support of illegal aliens and amnesty.

So, the jury is still out whether I’ll return to blogging. If I do, it won’t be with the frequency I once maintained.

2 thoughts on “Same ol’, same old.

  1. The reason Trump is doing so well is he is vocally saying exactly what the people want done by their government. That’s why the GOP was handed a majority. Seal the borders is number one. Deport the criminals back to their country of origin is number two. We haven’t forgotten that a criminal is still a criminal have we? If a drunk driver runs a red light and T-bones your car, he is a criminal and is not rewarded with free insurance and gas. He’s rewarded with some time behind bars. If a citizen of another country crosses into the U.S. without obeying the immigration laws, he or she is a criminal and should be deported back to their own country. Obama, by aiding and abetting these criminals, is guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors” and should be impeached. I will vote for Trump if he wins the GOP primary. I have no problem with his politics. He is proving that the GOP is the same as the Dems. Both have been infiltrated with anti-Christian Progressive Socialists. Don’t get tired or frustrated. We have a long road ahead and we must keep putting one foot in front of the other. I, for one, would like to see the 17th Amendment repealed and have expressed my viewpoint to nearly every Republican in the Missouri House.

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