The Left’s Hypocrisy

The dems/libs are having a field day. It couldn’t have been better if they’d planned it. One of their party’s representatives was shot and they’re following Rahm Emanuel’s advice, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” If it’s not a crisis—make it one!

They’re blaming a lack of gun control laws (high capacity magazines), Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, conservative talk radio, hate speech (which should be censored unless it’s from liberals,) and the lack of the “Fairness Doctrine.” What they are NOT saying is the lack of law enforcement in Pima County, the crime rates from illegals and drug runners, the fact that Jared Loughner had been reported to LEOs, including the Sheriff’s office for threats issued previous to Gifford, to a local conservative radio host, to teachers and students at the local community college, that Loughner was in fact, a far-left pothead.

Rather than wait for facts to be revealed, they started their propaganda within minutes. The Pima County Sheriff blamed political rhetoric but when pinned by Fox’s Megan Kelly admitted he couldn’t prove that statement. When asked on another network for information about the shooter’s background, the Sheriff said he’d been too busy with the media to spend time on the investigation. That makes me wonder if the Sheriff is doing ANY investigation on the shooter’s background. There had been a report of a possible accomplice, but the Sheriff is too busy playing celebrity. When asked about Arizona’s gun law, he used it to take a swipe at the 2nd Amendment (liberals only want the government to have guns.)

Yes, it’s a real circus. They have the shooter, video of the event. It’s enough facts. Now it’s time for the fantasies.

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