Missouri 2011 State Legislative Agenda

In case you don’t see this in our liberal media and news outlets, the new Republican controlled legislature has an agenda for this coming year. Their purpose is to encourage economic growth and by doing that to increase jobs and state revenue.

Here’s a partial list:
  • Cap the franchise tax on business assets.
  • Restrict lawsuits against business.
  • Make Missouri a Right-to-Work state. 
  • Freeze small-business fees.
  • Cut more government budgets, starting with the Legislature’s own staff budget.
  • Discuss replacing the state income tax by increasing the state sales tax.
This is an aggressive agenda aimed at improving the business climate in Missouri and to attract businesses fleeing those tax-heavy states like California, New York, the Northeast and the Rust Belt. The unions and trial lawyers will be out in force against them. Fortunately, I believe the legislature has the votes of over-ride the Governor’s veto. 

As far as our state goes, it’s going to be an interesting year.

3 thoughts on “Missouri 2011 State Legislative Agenda

  1. I am extremely skeptical that replacing our state income tax with an increase of the state sales tax is beneficial. That's nothing more than a consumption tax. We've been successful here in Missouri keeping our tax rates—all our tax rates down.

    I don't want a state income tax. Raising the sales tax to offset the loss of revenue is a BIG mistake.

    I'd much rather see a phased reduction of the state budgets and expenses and with those reduction, reduce that state income tax rates. Once the state is used to living with a reduced budget—then we can eliminate the income tax and we won't need a raise of sales tax to do it.

    Just my $0.02.

    BTW, consumption taxes in any form always fail to meet their original goals and are full of unintended consequences.

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