They’re coming baaack!!

Or they will be next Fall. The Celtic Woman group is returning to Kansas City on October 22, 2015 playing in the Music Hall. Tickets are, supposedly, available for purchase now. If I understood the ad correctly last night, the price per ticket is in $100 range.

I’ve never seen Celtic Woman in person. I would certainly like to see them. At those prices, however…


Celtic Woman

If I can’t see them with my own Mk I eyeballs, I’ll have to be satisfied with these You Tube videos.

Máiréad Nesbitt is the group’s violin soloist. Not only is she a magnificent violinists, she dances while playing. Usually she and the others wear shoes with 2″ heels. From time to time, Máiréad dances barefoot. “The shoes hurt,” she said in one interview. Isacc Perlman, eat your heart out!

Máiréad Nesbitt is the only Celtic Woman member who has stayed with the group throughout its history. She was originally intended to be just a soloist. Instead, she’s become the core holding the group together.

The members of the group is fluid. They come and go. Lisa Kelly was one of my favorites. She left the group some years ago and now teaches in Georgia near Atlanta.

Another of the original singers who has gone is Méav Ní Mhaolchatha. She appears in the video below.

Cloe Agnew left the group and returned. She’s one member who has been with the group almost from the beginning.

Finally, there’s Orla Fallon, the dark-haired one.

If you’re a Celtic Woman fan like me, here’s a present for today…the hour and a half video of their concert in Dublin, Ireland.