Democrats against reading the Constitution

It had been announced for some time that one of the first things to be done in the new ‘Pub controlled Congress is the reading the Constitution as the first item of business after swearing in.  Each section of the Constitution will be read by a Representative in order of hierarchy.  John Boehner will read the Preamble. Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader will read Article I, Section 1.

The democrats are appalled.

“They are reading it like a sacred text,” said Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), the outgoing chairman of the House Judiciary subcommittee on the Constitution, civil rights and civil liberties, who has studied and memorized the Constitution with talmudic intensity.  — Washington Post, January 5, 2010

How could this idiot have ever been elected?  Oh, I forgot, he’s a democrat. To respond to Representative Nadler, it IS a sacred document if you love this country!

The state media is having a field day. 

According to the liberal media, reading the Constitution is racist, ridiculous, and smacks of religion. — The Examiner (Spokan), January 5, 2011

Joy Behar, as a starting question to a panel on her show, asked this. Do you think this Constitution-loving is getting out of hand?                   

Bill Press, a liberal talk show host answered. “…it’s a “Hollywood” stunt and Republicans might actually benefit from such a reading since they have no idea what’s in it.”  Press continues and refers to the right of privacy which DOES NOT appear in the Constitution. 

An editorial in the New York Times implied reading the Constitution racist!  

On Thursday, the Constitution will be read aloud in the House chamber. And in one particularly self-important flourish, the new speaker, John Boehner, arranged to have his office staff “sworn in” on Tuesday by the chief justice of the United States. 
In any case, it is a presumptuous and self-righteous act, suggesting that they alone understand the true meaning of a text that the founders wisely left open to generations of reinterpretation. Certainly the Republican leadership is not trying to suggest that African-Americans still be counted as three-fifths of a person.
There is a similar air of vacuous fundamentalism in requiring that every bill cite the Constitutional power given to Congress to enact it. The new House leadership says this is necessary because the health care law and other measures that Republicans do not like have veered from the Constitution. But it is the judiciary that ultimately decides when a law is unconstitutional. — New York Times, January 4, 2011.

I suppose, in the view of the New York Times, that it is their bought and paid-for judges who are the final arbiter for our country, not the Constitution.  After all, the Constitution is whatever the Judges decides it to be, so says the New York Times. 
The Constitution is just an impediment, an obstacle to be overcome, by-passed, or ignored says democrats. When asked about the constitutionality of Obama’s Healthcare legislation, Congressman Phil Hare (D-IL) replied, “I don’t worry about the Constitution on this to be honest…I care more about the people that are dying everyday that don’t have health care.” The constitution can be ignored if it gets in the way of the dems agenda.

One of the new house rules imposed by the incoming Republicans is that every bill must cite specifically in the Constitution where Congress has the right to impose the provisions of the bill.  The ‘Pubs have advocated this ever since Pelosi has purposely excluded ‘Pub input into any new bills since 2006, many of which are viewed to be unconstitutional. Perhaps, if nothing else, the reading of the Constitution in the House will remind our domestic enemies political opponents that the Constitution is not dead.

2 thoughts on “Democrats against reading the Constitution

  1. Oh my…where do I start?

    There are people who die every day who HAVE healthcare. Very good healthcare. And their deaths become long-and-drawn out, because their families cannot come to terms with the fact that the human body cannot live forever.

    Some people can afford healthcare, but they choose to spend it on frivolous items. (Like cigarettes, big-screen TVs, new cell phones, clothing.)

    My husband swore to defend the Constitution in his Oath of Enlistment when he commissioned…yeah, it's kinda a sacred document to us.


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