Busy day

My wife will be returning home from the church conference this afternoon. I haven’t messed the place up too badly while she’s been gone.  When her bus gets close, she’ll text me and I’ll go pick her up.

In the mean time, I’ve been goofing off with my “new” eReader.  I bought a Velocity Cruz tablet just after Thanksgiving and I’ve loaded a ton of e-books on it.  I think I’ve about clean out the Gutenburg Project and Manybooks of SF, Mystery and other books that struck my fancy.  In fact, I’ve a couple of years worth of reading stashed on it.

I installed a 16GB mini SD card in the reader and a 16GB flash drive to keep the books backed up.  It’s cut into my blog writing time a bit.  

When I received the Cruz tablet, purchased on-line from Borders, it included $55 worth of gift cards too.  A nice Christmasy surprise.  I just noticed than one of my favorite military writers, Douglas Reeman, AKA Alexander Kent, has had his books re-released in digital form earlier this week. Reeman, writing as Alexander Kent, has a series, Richard Bolitho, that competes competes well with C. S. Forester’s Hormblower series.  I can hardly wait to start on them.


On the news front, I see that Obama continues, through government agencies and regulation, to give the people of this country the salute of the Upright Index Finger.  I’ve always opposed charging politicians for acts they commit while in office unless those acts were illegal.  Obama’s buds in the FCC have ignored Federal Court orders and instructions from congressional oversight committees when they seized control of the internet.  I now see that the EPA will regulate “green house emissions” via regulation whent they couldn’t get them passed in congress via their “Cap ‘n Tax” legislation. Those regulations will come into force on January 2nd, 2011.

It’s time to abolish the EPA in addition to the FCC. They’ve run amuck and are out of control.

I think these and other acts like Holder’s killing charges against the “New Black Panthers” for voter intimidation and interference at the polls comes close to criminal acts.  The question is whether this is malfeasance in office or merely misfeasance.  The adage, “Stupid is as stupid does,” comes to mind.  This democrat administration is certainly stupid.  Whether it’s criminally stupid is still unanswered.