War on Christians

It isn’t new, but the left continues to attack Christians. This time of year that means Christmas.  There has been numerous examples. One is from Virginia where a student group of ten is being punished for “tossing small candy canes” to students.  The group known as the Christmas Sweater club for the seasonal sweaters they wear was accused of acts to “maliciously maim students with the intent to injure.” The candy canes in question were two inches long, wrapped in plastic, weighing less than an ounce.

In another example, an arm of the federal government, the Federal Reserve, forced an Oklahoma bank to remove Christmas button and Bible verses.

 Federal Reserve examiners come every four years to make sure banks are complying with a long list of regulations. The examiners came to Perkins last week. And the team from Kansas City deemed a Bible verse of the day, crosses on the teller’s counter and buttons that say “Merry Christmas, God With Us.” were inappropriate. The Bible verse of the day on the bank’s Internet site also had to be taken down.
 Specifically, the feds believed, the symbols violated the discouragement clause of Regulation B of the bank regulations. According to the clause, “…the use of words, symbols, models and other forms of communication … express, imply or suggest a discriminatory preference or policy of exclusion.”

 The feds interpret that to mean, for example, a Jew or Muslim or atheist may be offended and believe they may be discriminated against at this bank. It is an appearance of discrimination.

It’s not limited to just the US.  The UK Red Cross has banned Christmas to avoid offending Muslims, atheists and other non-Christians.  Well, what about offending Christians?  They’re more numerous in the UK than those others?

I could cite many more.  The attacks on Christians here at home are one of the triggers that created the Tea Party.  While all Tea Partiers are not Christian, a large number, maybe the majority, are.  Tea Partiers, as a whole, resent the attacks on our families, our traditions, and the principles of this Republic instituted by the Founders.

The worst offender against Christians in the federal government from the Department of Education to Treasury to NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizationss) such as the National Public Radio headquartered in Washington.  Nina Totenberg, apologized on-air, for attending a “Christmas” party.

When the new Congress is seated on January 4, 2011, there will be many changed instituted over the next two years.  Many changes…or there will be more dems and RINOs leaving office at the end of 2012.

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