End of an Era and other Items

Yesterday, was the end of the Stigall era in Kansas City. I mentioned that in a previous post.  Today that morning slot was filled by J. D. Hayworth, former Congressman from Arizona who ran, unsuccessfully, against McCain in this year’s Arizona primary.

Hayworth is a good conservative and his views, so far as I’ve heard, mirror those of the departed Stigall.  As for his on-air presence?  Well, let’s be generous and just say…he’s no Chris Stigall.

I know Stigall left big shoes to be filled.  He also left a level of expectation for his successor.  Whomever fills this morning slot has to “click” with the audience.  He has to invoke enthusiasm, a sense of camaraderie, and a sense of humor.  I have no doubt the Hayworth can overcome his initial sitting but he’s a lot to overcome.

For today? He just didn’t hit it off.


There are contradictory reports coming from Washington that some of the Old Guard ‘Pubs are willing to compromise on Obamacare, the “Dream” (for dems) Open-Immigration bill, the START treaty that disarms us but not Putin.

The reality is that NO treaty with Putin and his gang of mobsters will be honored.  The former Soviets broke the last treaty by moving tactical nukes into Poland in violation of the last treaty.  

in defiance of pledges made to the U.S. in the Presidential Nuclear Initiatives of the 1990s, Russia moved short-range tactical nuclear warheads to facilities near NATO borders earlier this spring.— The Heritage Foundation Morning Bell, December 1, 2010.

 The Russian government, going back centuries, has never been trustworthy. Why should they become so now?
On the Dream Act, Harry Reid is pushing this to a vote, perhaps as early as this coming Friday in the face of vocal opposition from most of the ‘Pubs.  La Raza and other similar liberal groups are pushing hard for passage.  This bill is nothing more than blanket amnesty for criminals.  Criminals who broke the law coming here and criminals who continue to break the law by staying here.  The dems aid and abet them in their crimes by giving them preferential treatment and sanctuary.  Whenever illegal aliens accept any form of governmental assistance, they are then parasites on the body politic.

I have no issue with those who come to this country legally, conform to our law and gain citizen through legal means.  I sit next to a man every Sunday who came to this country from Cuba via the Mariel boat lift of the last century.  He fled for his life leaving his mother and other family members behind.  Today he is a master electrician, owns his own company and is a family man.  He’s also a legal permanent resident.

This month will be a dangerous time for us.  The lame duck congress will attempt to push through every liberal/socialist piece of legislation still on their list.  Not one of these agenda items is beneficial to the country as a whole. Their sole purpose is to increase the dems radical support from the far-left.

And there are some RINOs who will help the dems.  This last summer, one Tea Party mantra was “Remember in November.” Our new mantra must now be “Remember in 2012.”

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