Short Sunday Blog

We had our annual Christmas dinner at church today. My wife took her home-made giblet gravy. As an aside, anyone realize how hard it is to buy just giblets? We’re having ham for Christmas and she didn’t want to buy a turkey just for the giblets. So she bought a whole baking chicken that said giblets include. Wrong! She finally scrounged some.

It was four degrees when we left for church and ten when we got home. The dungeon is cold. After the obligatory Sunday afternoon nap, I came downstairs to do some surfin’ and blog readin’. Even with the space heater on max and only two feet away, it’s still cold. I’m finishing this and going upstairs, grab a cat, and get warm. (Who needs dogs when you have a couple a cats nearby?)

I have a early circuit turn-up tomorrow, four trunk groups, 33 DS1s. It will be a long day. I’m taking the rest of the year off when I finish.