Sarah Palin’s Alaska

My wife and I watched the first episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska Sunday evening. There are numerous reviews many with positive reports and then there was the liberal media giving the show their usual response.

Initial reports Monday morning indicates the show had 5,000,000 viewers—the largest audience in the TLC channel’s history.  In fact, it was larger than the 3,000,000 average for Bill O’Reilly! 

As usual, most of the media was speculating whether Palin was using the show as an entry into the 2012 election cycle.  There were a few “Palinisms” scattered through the show if you were listening.  I doubt they were sufficient to change anyone’s political views but they most certainly tweaked liberal noses.

If for nothing other that the views of spectacular Alaskan scenery,  we’ll watch again next Sunday night @ 8PM CST on The Learning Channel.           

5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska

  1. I completely forgot to watch, like Dinah we now have one of those DVR thingys but I forget about it.

    I think the media did a bang up job of making many americans dislike Sarah Palin. They did just the opposite for Obama, I think they were a large reason folks voted for him. When the media decides to jump on one persons band wagon the other party hardly has a chance. Maybe it's just my area but it seems that the media tries hard to give her a bad rap. Not sure she has a chance at wining if she decides to run at this point.

  2. If you have Comcast cable, I think you can pull up a re-run from their on-demand library. I assume other cable providers have something similar.

    Or, go to the TLC website. I think you can watch from there as well.

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