One of those days…

Here I was, all fired up to write this morning and…nothing, zip, nada. Nothing struck my fancy. Oh, there were numerous items I could choose such as the continuing examination of Brian Williams’ history. It seems, now, that he may have fudged some expense reports, so some say. Newsworthy? Perhaps, given the recent feeding-frenzy about him, most of it fully justified.

There is also the coordinated attack by the FEC and the FCC to regulate those pesky websites and blogs, like mine, who expose the lies and unconstitutional acts of the Administration, democrats and Marxist liberals. They can’t stop us talking, but they think they can block us from the internet.

Still, it just doesn’t have that prick of interest this morning. Neither is the twenty-three ‘Pub union shills who voted against RTW in the Missouri House yesterday. The bill passed but not enough to override Nixon’s veto. The bills should pass swiftly through the Senate. The real question is, “Will RTW survive Jay Nixon’s veto?”

Since I haven’t found anything today that has that spark, I think I’ll do something else today with my time. What, I don’t know yet. We’ll see how the day flows.

Y’all have a great day!