Revisiting the Coexist Sticker

A couple weeks ago I contributed a post about those irritating Coexist stickers I tend to see everywhere (especially where I work). Now that I can remove this season’s political stickers from my car I intend to apply the new one created from gun company logos.

Today I saw a dandy dissection of the original Coexist sticker and I found it very instructive, but not surprising. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Revisiting the Coexist Sticker

  1. OldNFO–Mine's going on the car today after a good wash and removal of the sticky residue from a couple of political stickers. Then, on Monday I will do my best to park right next to the car (one of 'em at least) with the other kind—and the Yes We Did! sticker and the remnant Gore/Lieberman/Kerry/Edwards stickers–and the A Village In Texas Is Missing Its Idiot sticker. Problem probably is that they won't know what they're looking at when they see mine. They might even think I'm a fellow-traveler. Horrors!

  2. Just a couple days ago my daughter asked me what that sticker meant when we saw it on a car. I guess I really was oblivious to it's actual meaning.

    I love the new version posted by OLD NFO much better!

  3. mupedalpusher: if you go back a couple of weeks to my original post about this, in the comments I listed the email address of the gun dealer where I purchased mine. I got five of them and one is now rolling around ultra-liberal Olympia, WA. I'd love to see more of them (the gun ones) around here.

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