The Tea Party (Cartoon of the Week: Chuck Asay)

Chuck Asay is one of my favorite political cartoonist. His views is so much like mine.  In fact, I can’t remember when we ever diverged in our views.

For your enjoyment, I give you the Cartoon of the Week… 

4 thoughts on “The Tea Party (Cartoon of the Week: Chuck Asay)

  1. Good cartoon,and it is true. The Republicans are in as much trouble with the People. Seeing they have the tinge of Progressivism with them as the Democrats do.

  2. My perspective is that rather than the Republican Party taking over the Tea Party, the Tea Party is taking over the Republican Party. And that's as it SHOULD be.

  3. I'm going to pray that the new folks in Congress will have enough independence and moxie to withstand the cajoling and sweet-talking that is sure to ensue the minute they hit D.C. Crucis mentioned getting involved in the local Repub committee and I, too, am resolving to do the same. The Progressives did the same thing to the old time Democrats and they pulled it off very nicely, didn't they? We can do the same.

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