The Countdown continues

Five days until the election.  Conservatives and Tea Partiers are getting ready. Dems and libs are fearful. 

On the national scale, Boxer and Fiorina are in a statistical dead heat (48 Boxer vs. 46 Fiorina).  Sharon Angle now leads Harry Reid by two points according to Rasmussen and in Washington state, Murray is barely ahead (49 to 46) of Rossi. 

Locally, Jacob Turk is single digits away from defeating machine congressman Emmanuel Cleaver. Turk has been fund raising and now running TV ads documenting Cleaver’s statements and voting record.  Local democrat pols are fearful their tame voters will stay home this year.

In Missouri’s 4th Congressional District, for the first time, Vicky Hartzler is ahead by one point in the latest poll over 30+ year incumbent and Pelosi lapdog, Ike Skelton. 

I wish I could vote against Skelton. Alas, after the 2000 census, the dem controlled state legislature stripped off conservative northern Cass county and put us into Cleaver’s district.  This was done solely to dilute our conservative votes in the democrat cesspool of Kansas City. Now, I think they’ll rue that move when Turk tosses Cleaver on the political trash-heap.

I’m normally pessimistic about elections. In the past, I’ve gone to bed early just to get it all over.  Not this time. I think it will be a blood-bath with dems falling all across the country.  According to more and more pundits and pollsters (I trust the pollsters more), conservatives will take the House and the Senate.  According to the latest averaged estimates, the ‘Pubs will gain 80 to 100 seats in the House and will end up with 51 seats in the Senate.

I pray it will be so.                  

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